Lexus Is300 Radiator Fan Not Working

The problem is that the sensor is not opening up to turn the fans on with his new radiator. I have a lexus gs300 1998 with 108k miles on it.

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Lexus Is300 Radiator Fan Assembly Best Radiator Fan Assembly Parts

I was wondering if anyone can help me to find out if my radiator fan is working.

Lexus is300 radiator fan not working. Its a 91 ls400. As the radiator fan is not working im assuming the sensor is faulty and its not a fuse issue the fan works if the ac is turned on. There are 2 fans on the radiator ive read that one of them should turn on when i ac turns on.

My radiator fans on my 2001 lexus is300 are not kicking on. Seem like its not working. I wonder if hot coolant is actually circulating thrue the rad once the thermostat opens.

Ian i think he confirmed his fans operate. In fact the problem is getting worse. Radiator fan working cooling fan is not is it the ecu module that controls the fans or is it the fan answered by a verified lexus mechanic we use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.

Radiator fan not working i remember i accidently got oil and coolant on the fans and motor then took it to the bath tub and rinsed it off. I have a lexus ls430 year 2003 with the cooling fans not working all the time. It started with the right side and its now happening on the left side.

I try to test it by keeping the car on while it was on park and turn the ac to full and kept about for 2 3 min then pop the hood and saw its not working so please help me how to make sure. 2001 lexus is300 radiator support 2001 lexus is300 radiator 2001 lexus is300 radiator fan 2001 lexus is300 radiator cap 2001 lexus is300 radiator replacement 2001 lexus is300 radiator fan not working 2001 lexus is300 radiator core support below we. Im new to this website.

This does not happen. It was in an accident before and they had to replace the radiator and i dont know what else since it wasnt disclosed to me this was the previous owner. So is this a particularly difficult repair and how much is it likely to cost.

Ive been reading this forum for a while and this is my first post. My radiator fans on my 2001 lexus is300 are not kicking on. This does not happen.

Other related product comparison suggested for homeoutlet review. Did that cause my motors to not work. I have changed the radiator the thermostat and the temperature switch and they will still not cut on.

The ac is also making a grinding noise when it kicks on but the air is still coming out cold.

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